Small Company Innovation Program

The Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN) Small Company Innovation Program (SCIP), funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), provides 1:1 matching funds up to $40,000 to Michigan small businesses to help cover the cost of conducting a research project at any Michigan public university. Universities waive indirect costs for all research projects.

The program is intended to help companies overcome a common challenge faced by small companies and entrepreneurs—getting research and development needs met so they can get to commercialization faster. Often, universities have the expertise and facilities that the company needs, but small companies may not have the connections nor be able to afford the cost of conducting research and development at a university. The program aims to introduce companies to the benefits of working with a university to increase the number of university/industry collaborations across the state, and to accelerate a company's positive economic impact.

For more information about SCIP, contact Patrick Medado, Program Project Coordinator at

MCRN Faculty Expertise Portal

The MCRN Faculty Expertise Portal  is unique with its statewide inclusion from all Michigan public universities and allows industry to use a signal resource for finding new technology or solutions to technical problems they are seeking support on. This online portal will act as a facilitator and a point place for industry to have an overview of what universities are currently working on and can support university to university research, development and collaboration. To view the MCRN Faculty Expertise Portal, visit here.